Girls Gymnastics

Arizona Olympian Gymnastics has a growing girls program that provides outstanding coaching and small classes. Beginner classes provide young gymnasts with the foundations to succeed, while the team program offers intensive workouts designed to take gymnasts to the next level. We provide a great environment for girls to learn the sport of gymnastics while building strength, flexibility, coordination, conditioning and confidence.

Beginner Levels

Preschool (3-4yrs) • Jr. Level 1 (5-6yrs)  • Level 1 (7yrs and up)
We have a wide variety of beginner classes that correlate with the U.S.A. Gymnastics (USAG) program levels. Students are introduced to all of the equipment.

Intermediate Levels

Level 2
Classes for students that have passed the beginner level skills. Students are evaluated quarterly, or by appointment. Classes are in conjunction with the USAG development program.

Advanced Levels

Level 3
Classes for students that have passed the Intermediate level skills. This is where the the development of the competitive team begins. Students are evaluated quarterly, or by appointment. Classes are in conjuction with the USAG development program.

Team Levels

Level 4 and up 6 yrs. and up
To achieve team membership each gymnast must either test on to the team or achieve all of the required skills and be recommended to the team by a coach. Potential members will receive an invitation from the director.

Excel Levels

XCEL is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. In contrast to the traditional USAG JO program where athletes compete nationally pre-
determined compulsory routines, the XCEL program allows coaches flexibility to design routines and
select music to suit the strengths and weaknesses of the individual athlete.
There are five levels in XCEL: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Gymnasts will generally enter at the Bronze level, which is comparable to the JO L3.
XCEL has grown greatly in popularity in Arizona since its inception. In 2017, over 800 athletes
participated in the Arizona XCEL State Meet.
At Arizona Olympian Gymnastics our XCEL team practices 11 hours a week (4hrs/Day, 3 days) with an
option of a reduced 8 hour schedule (4hrs/day, 2 days) to allow the athlete scheduling flexibility as
Our current practice schedule is: Monday ; Wednesday from 4-8, and Friday from 4-7.