2016/2017 Team Accomplishments

Here are our accomplishments for the 2016/2017 Fall/Winter team competitions:




















































































































4/23/2017 – Congratulations to Abby as she placed 6th in Bars! We are so proud of you!













4/23/2017 – So proud of you Trinity!!!! Tied for first place on floor n 4th all around! 👏🏼😊🙏🏼 thank you Ryan n Deirdre ❤️ you guys rock!!!












4/22/2017 – Kennedy finished regionals with 6th on vault and 7th on floor!











4/21/2017 – So proud of this girl! She worked hard placing 2nd all around at this regional competition! Thank you again to these two standing beside her for pushing her this season!













4/9/2017 – Congratulations Level 5 10+ boys on another amazing performance at this years regional meet!








4/9/2017 – Our Level 6 Boys all together after Regionals. Great job to all our boys this Season











4/8/2017 –
Congratulations Optional Girls on your amazing performance at regionals this year!












4/6/2017 – Congratulations boys on your Regionals wins this weekend!
2/27/2017 – Congratulations Level 3 girls on another amazing performance!











2/26/2017 – Congratulations to XCEL Bronze, 2nd place team! And, congratulations to Sophia, 1st place AA! (3rd VT, 1st UB, 2nd BB, 2nd FX)
Also placing top three:
Hayle, 2nd AA (2nd VT, 2nd UB, 1st BB)
Audrey, 3rd AA (2nd VT, 1st UB)
Sofeya 2nd on BB
And Lilly taking 2nd on FX in her first competition














2/26/2017 – Congratulations level 5 boys on your first place team and division wins today! Super proud of these boys!












2/26/2017 – Congratulations level 5 boys ages 7-9 on your 2nd place team win













2/24/2017 – Congratulations to our Junior Development team on your 1st place team win!












2/24/2017 – Great job, Level 4 Boys! Way to bring home another 1st Place Team Award! GO AZOG!












2/24/17 – Great Job XCEL Silver on your 3rd place team win! Congratulations Addy, 1st AA (3rd VT, 2nd BB)
Also placing top three on events were;
Trinity; 3rd AA, 2nd UB, 1st FX
Alex; 3rd BB
Maggie; 1st FX
Tatum; 3T FX

















2/17/2017 – Good day for Brecken today in Florida!! Highest bars and floor score of the season!














1/29/2017 – Brecken and Courtney had a great day! Brecken got 2nd VT, 3rd BB and UB, and 4th AA. Courtney got 1st AA, 1st VT, ,1st FX, 1st BB, 2nd UB.















1/29/2017 – Had a great weekend at the meet in Flagstaff. Our XCEL girls brought home two team trophies, 3rd place bronze team and 2nd place silver!













1/29/2017 – Level 6 and 7 girls did great today in Flagstaff! Level 6 Ella-2nd on Vault and beam 1st on bars, floor and AA. Hannah- 3rd on beam, 2nd floor and 4th AA Level 7 Jenna-5th vault, 4th on beam, 7th AA Hayden- 2nd bars, beam and 5th floor, 3rd AA Lexi- 6th on bars, 7th floor 5th AA Kennedy- 2nd Vault, beam and floor, 3rd bars and 2nd AA. Gracie- 2nd vault, 4th bars and beam, 1st floor and 1st AA Level 7’s took home the 2nd place Team trophy! Great job ladies!!














1/29/2017 – Congratulations XCEL Silver team on you 2nd place win! Congratulations Trinity, 1st AA (2nd VT, 1st UB, 2T FX) and to the following gymnasts breaking top 3 AA and on their events: Addy, 2nd AA (1st VT, 2T UB, 3T BB) Maggie, 2nd AA (2nd VT, 2nd BB) Alex, 1st UB, 2nd BB














1/28/2017 – Congratulations Hayle and Audrey 1st place AA.
Bronze took third as a team. Great job competing against teams with four times as many gymnasts! Hayle: 3rd VT, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
Audrey: 1st UB, 3rd BB, 1st FX
Sofeya: 3T VT, 1st BBSophia: 1T UB, 2T BB















1/27/2017 – Congratulations level 8 on your team win!













1/27/2017 – Congratulations JD Boys on your 1st place team win!















1/27/2017 – Way to go Level 5 team boys! Another 1st place Team win!













1/16/2017 – Congratulations Level 4 boys this weekend at the Vitaly Sherbo Invitational they took home the 1st place team trophy!








1/15/2017 -Level 6 girls results Ella: 1st bars, floor, 3rd on beam and 1st AA Taytum: 3rd floor, 4th beam 5th vault, 3rd AA Hannah: 7th beam, 9th floor, 9th vault, 9th AA They won 2nd place Team (not bad with only 3 kids)




Level 7 results Vault: Kennedy 5th Bars: Kennedy 4th Hayden 2nd Beam: Kennedy 2nd Lexi 4th Floor: Kennedy 6th Hayden 4th Gracie 3rd All Around: Kennedy 3rd Hayden 4th Lexi 5th Gracie 6th Jenna 7th 1st place Team great job girls




1/14/2017 – Way to go Boys on your amazing meet!









1/14/2017 – Level 3 at their very first meet! You all did amazing!


1/13/2017 – Congratulations Sofeya 1st place AA and Audrey 4th AA!























1/10/2017 – Congratulations to the Xcel silver group great job












1/7/2017 – Congratulations Level 4 boys on your 1st place team win this weekend at the lost Dutchman Invitational!














1/7/2016 – Congratulations Level 5 and up on your 1st place win this weekend at the Lost Dutchman Invitational!














1/7/2016 – Here are the scores for the 2017 Lost Dutchman – Congratulations to all our competitors!

Scores Level 4

Scores Level 5+







12/12/2016 – Congratulations level 5 on your 1st place team win tonight! You all did amazing! Way to start your year off with a bang!











12/12/2016 – Congrats to the level 4 – 1st place team winners!








11/19/2016 – Congratulations level 5 girls on your performance at the state meet!   You did great!













10/15/2016 – Congratulations to our Level 4 Boys Team – 6 year old – Maddox 1st place, Tyler 2nd place – 7 Year old – Keoki 1st place – 8 and 9 year old – Kakoa – 1st place and Nate 3rd place – Well done little men on your 1st meet of the year!











10/15/2016 – Congratulations – Tatum, Kiana, Paige and Kara on their performance this evening at the 2016 Hollywood Invitational meet!  Also on winning best costumes!  Nice job ladies!







9/17/2016 – Congratulations ladies on your meet performance at this evenings 2016 Jammie Jam!  Way to go!  Keep up the great work!




























9/11/2016 – So excited for these ladies season!  We know they will have an amazing year! Good luck at the 2016 Diamond Back Judges Cup!