2013/2014 Team Accomplishments

2013 – 2014 – Team pictures


Here are our accomplishments for the 2013/2014 fall/winter team competitions:

4/25/2014 – Meadow had a nice finish to her season at level 7 Regionals this morning: 3rd on floor, 8th on beam, and 9th on the AA!


4/13/2014 – Wow! What an exciting end to our Regional weekend….

MacKenzie Douglas (Level 10)  VT 9.45; UB 9.325; BB 9.075; FX 9.45 (5th); AA
37.3 (9th)  National qualifier

Quinlan Level 10 (17-18) FX 14.15 (7th); PH 13.8 (2nd) National qualifier on

Tanner Day Level 8 (11-12)  FX 11.95; PH 12.05; SR 10.3; VT 11.5; PB 11.65;
HB 10.1; AA 67.55

Braxton Goldstein Level 8 (11-12)  FX 12.2; PH 11.1; SR 11.55: VT 11.6; PB
12.05; HB 11.5; AA 70.0

Level 5 (10)
Chris Brundage:  FX 11.0; PH 10.15; SR 9.8: VT 9.6; PB 11.45 (3rd); HB 11.55
(3rd); AA 63.55 (5th) AZ All-Star team

Cole Jones:  FX 11.15 (8th); PH 9.05; SR 9.8; VT 9.45; PB 10.95; HB 11.0; AA
61.4  AZ All-Star team

Kyle Klatt: FX  8.35; PH 8.75; SR 9.55; VT 9.95 (8th); PB 11.2 (7th); HB
10.1; AA 57.9

Level 5 (9)
Elijah Jenkins: FX 10.8; PH 9.25; SR 8.5; VT 9.45; PB 10.8; HB 9.8; AA 58.6

Level 5 (11)

Jacob Drogosz:  FX  8.45; PH 9.8 (3rd); SR 9.9; VT 9.05; PB 9.8; HB 9.35; AA

Zach Sipple: FX 10.35 (3rd); PH 8.9; SR 11.1 (1st); VT 9.2; PB 11.25 (1st);
HB 11.4 (2nd) AA 62.2 (2nd) Alternate AZ All-Star
Level 5 (12)
Bryce Suell:  FX  9.75; PH 10.4 (3rd); SR 11.75 (1st); VT 9.45; PB 11.15
(1st); HB 11.65 (1st); AA 64.15 (2nd) AZ All-Star team

4/10/2014 – Our 1st session at the boys regional championships was a wonderful success! On FX Q got 14.15 with 14.8 start value earning him a tie for 7th place. (He stood up his triple full !). On PH he got 2nd place with a 13.8 with a start value of 14.9! This qualified him to compete in the JO national championships next month! Way to go Q!!!!

4/6/2013 – Great job to the level 3’s yesterday! They all did well and showed improvement! Some highlights: Amaya took 1st on bars, 2nd on vault floor and AA! Hannah 3rd on bars 4th on beam and 6th AA! Ella took 4th on vault, 5th on floor and AA. Lexi took 3rd on floor and 8th AA. Jenna was 9th AA! Great job ladies!!


4/6/2014 – Congratulations Ella Day took first place on Floor and 4th on Vault at State XCEL meet yesterday. She was .05 away from the other 3 girls who tied for first on vault.


4/4/2014 – XCEL girl bronze division: Madelyn had a 38.00 in the state meet which earned her the all around title and then she also was #1 in the State earning her the top spot on the AZ regional team.


4/4/2014 – Great day for the bronze and silver XCEL girls today at the state meet! Many medals were won, and a special shout out to Madelyn Yakubow who had the highest all around of any bronze gymnast in the state and earned the top spot on the Arizona Regional team!

Girls Level 10
MacKenzie Douglas, qualified for Regionals.  She has also earned a full-ride scholarship to San  Jose State!
Congratulations, MacKenzie!!!

Boys Level 5:
(9-10 year old division)
Chris Brundage took 1st place AA earning him  a spot on the AZ All-Star team Cole Jones, Kyle Klatt, and Elijah Jenkins also qualified to compete at the Regional Championships!

(11+ year old division)
Bryce Suell placed 3rd AA earning him a spot on the AZ All-Star team Zach Sipple is the state ring champion and qualified for regionals Jacob Drogrosz also qualified for the regionals.

3/23/2014 – Congrats to our state level 6 bar champion Kenzie and our state level 6 vault champion Rachel!!!!  Level 6: Avery got 3rd on bars and floor, and 6th place tie AA. Kenzie 1st on bars. Rachel 1st on vault, 2nd place tie on Beam and 6th AA

3/22/2014 – Congratulations to Brecken who got 2nd on bars, 5th on beam and floor, and 4th place tie in the AA. Meadow got 5th on vault and beam and 6th AA. Ami got 5th on bats and 6th on beam.


3/20/2014 – Congratulations Xcel bronze girls who earned 2nd place at Valley of the Sun Invitational.


3/16/2014 – Level three girls had a good meet today! Their scores continue to get better each time! Proud of all 5 today!! And a special announcement that Amaya Rambo scored a 9.9 on bars!! Unheard of!! It was an awesome moment !

3/15/2014 – Congrats to level 4 boys – WAY TO GO on 3rd place at State! Very proud of all you have accomplished this year!


3/14/2014 –

Level 10
Q. Donovan-Schager qualified to Regionals as a specialist on both events
that he competed
Tied for 2nd on PH and missed 1st place by only 0.1!
On FX he competed a triple full but put his hand down on the landing, so he
didn’t place.  However, he still qualified for regionals

Level 8
Reed Cook won 5 out of 6 events plus took 1st place All-Around!
He made the Arizona All-Star team, but opted out of Regionals due to his

Braxton Goldstein and Tanner Day both qualified for Regionals

3/2/2014 – Congratulations to Level 4 JV & Varsity teams who took home a 1st place trophy this weekend at Carters – Chinese New Year Meet!!


3/1/2014 – Congrats to our level 5 boys team who also won 1st place at the Chinese New Year! Another awesome job every one!

3/1/2014 – High fives to Reed & Braxton at the Chinese New Year meet. Braxton scored a 71.6 AA. Reed hit all 5 events that he competed on. Both guys had a really clean meet & looked technically great!!!

3/1/2014 – The AZOG girls level 7’s rocked at the Chinese New Year meet! Brecken medaled in every event taking 2nd in the AA. Meadow was the floor champ today with a 9.6 and took 3rd in the AA.


2/22/2014 – Mackenzie had a great Level 10 meet. 1st on VAULT, BARS, FLOOR and 2nd All Around!!


2/21/2014 – Congrats to our level 6 girls on their meet last night at Rawhide Western Town.


2/21/2014 – Ella loges 1st on floor! Lexi caffall 3rd on floor, 4th on bars and 6th AA. Hannah Caffall 4th on vault, bars, beam and floor and 3rd AA. Amaya Rambo 4th on bars, 5th on floor and 5th AA! Great job girls!


2/17/2014 – Congratulations to the Xcel Silver girls who won 2nd place Team trophy at the Flames Invitational meet!


2/16/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 5 Team boys who took home the 2nd place Team trophy at the Texas Gymnastics meet!


2/16/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 4 varsity Team boys who took home the 2nd place Team trophy at the Texas Gymnastics meet!


1/25/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 5 Team boys who took home the 1st place Team trophy at the USA Flairs Invitational!


1/25/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 4 JV and Varsity Team boys who took home the 2nd place Team trophy at the USA Flairs Invitational!


1/21/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 5 Team boys who took home the 3rd place Team trophy at the Northwest Gymnastics Invitational!


1/18/2014 – Congratulations to the Level 4 Varsity Team boys who took home the 2nd place Team trophy at the Northwest Gymnastics Invitational!


12/7/2013 – Congratulations to the Level 4 Varsity Team boys who took home the 1st place Team trophy at the Old Pueblo Judges Cup!

2013 Old Pueblo Judges Cup

Congratulations to the Girls Team boys who took home the 2nd place Team trophy at the Jammie Jam!