2015/2016 Team Accomplishments

Here are our accomplishments for the 2015/2016 fall/winter team competitions:

Special  Congratulations to our Level 4 Team Boys who had an undefeated Team Season!

Congratulations to our Level 5 Team boys for having an awesome season with only 1 team loss!

Way to go to all our competitors this season.

2015/2016 – Team Pics

Girls Teams with coachesGirls Teamsoptional (with coaches)optionalexcel with coaches excel Level 4 & 5 team level 5 level4

all team2 level 4 level 5 (words) Level 5 with coaches (2) Optional Boys

4/24/2016 – Congratulations Abby taking 7th on Bars, 8th on Vault


4/24/2016 – Congrats Gianna for getting 4th on floor tonight!!!!


4/24/2016 – Congrats to Kenzie for placing 10th on vault, 6th on beam, 3rd on bars, 2nd on floor and 4th in AA, at today’s regional meet!!!


4/23/2016 – Congrats Greer for taking 3rd place on bars!!!


4/23/2016 – Congrats Emma on 2nd place bars! 8th place vault. 6th place beam and 5th AA


4/22/2016 – Congrats Tehya for getting 5th on bars tonight!


4/22/2016 – Alex was our Regional AA champion. Natali took 6th and Miriam took 8th


4/22/2016 – Congrats Micaela for taking 4th place on bars !!


4/22/2016 – Congrats to Brecken for placing 4th on bars and 10th AA at today’s regional meet!!!


4/11/2016 – It has come to our attention that in the Level 8, 12 year old, JO division, Cole is ranking #2 in our Region One going into Nationals! This is exciting news👍
4/11/2016 – Gr8 job, Gr8 year! So proud of our AZOG Boys and our Arizona State All Star Team bringing home 3rd. Place ❗️


4/9/2016 – Courtney’s 9th place vault. 9.375. 👏 👍. 8th place on beam out of 32 girls in her age group. Way to go!😃


4/9/2016 – Congratulations, Cole for qualifying to JO Nationals next month in Battle Creek, MI! 👍

Cole, Chris, & Lyle.

4/9/2016 – 4th place Arizona All-Star team.
4/3/2016 – Congrats Emma!! 2nd place all around
4/2/2016 – Congratulations Addy, State Champion!
3/20/2016 – Good day for the optional guys today. The level 8s brought in the 3rd place team award!
Congratulations Bryce 6th on fx; 3rd on ph; 7th aa & alternate for az all star team. Jacob 6th on fx & HB; 9th aa; Kaden 4th ph, PB & HB;5th rings; 6th aa and all star team member. Cole 6th fx; 4th ph; 5th PB; 7th aa and alternate for the all-star team. Chris 4th fx; 6th HB; 8th aa. They all qualified for regionals.

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3/20/2016 –
Congrats to Gracie who placed 6th on floor and 7th and beam and bars.
Congrats to Kennedy who placed 3rd on bars and 6th on vault!
Way to go to all the optional girls who competed in state meet this weekend.
3/19/2016 – Congratulations to Courtney Weisenberger at the level 9 state meet. She took 3rd on vault and beam; 5th on floor.


3/19/2016 – 1st place team – Level 5 – age 7-10!


3/19/2016 – Congrats to the boys level 4 (9+) team. 2 place team award


3/19/2016 – Level 4 state champs! (6-8)


3/18/2016 – Congrats to Tyanne for placing 6th on beam 5th on vault and beam and 1st on bars and aa at state meet!


3/18/2016 – Congrats to Kenzie who got 3rd on floor and aa and 2nd on bars and vault at state meet today!


3/18/2016 – Congrats to Brecken on 2nd place on bars, 5th on beam and 6th aa at today’s state meet!


3/6/2016 –  XCEL results listed out to third place:
Bronze: Addy Keen 1st AA, 2nd VT, 3rd UB, 1st BB, 1st FX.
Silver: Emma Nelson 1st UB. Tehya Banach 1st UB. Greer Fulmer 2nd UB.
Gold: Gianna Abdallah 2nd BB, 2nd UB, 5th floor, and 4th AA

3/6/2016 – Level 4: Tatum McKnight 1st on Vault; Tatum Brower 7th UB and Floor
Level 5:Ella Loges 3rd on floor
Level 6: Gracie Vincelette 3rd on Floor and 5th AA
Level 7: Brecken Scroggin 1st on Bars; Tyanne Workman 2nd on BB and 5th on VT and AA
Level 9: Courtney weisenberger 2nd on VT and BB and 3rd AA


3/6/2016 – Addy did awesome today!!! Second place on vault, third place on bars, first place on beam, first place on floor and FIRST PLACE ALL AROUND!!!
3/5/2016 – Our optional boys round out the meet with their own 1st place meet!  Arizona Olympian boys gymnastics is unstoppable!!!!!!  Well done!  So proud!

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3/5/2016 – Level 5 boys brought home the gold once again!  1st place at the Chinese New Year meet!


3/5/2016 – Level 4 boys are unbeatable!  1st place at the Chinese New Year meet !!!!


2/29/2016 – Xcel Silver girls brought home 3rd place!  Nice job ladies!


2/28/2016 – Congrats to Gracies for her 4th place finish on bars and 5th place on beam,floor,and all around! Congrats to Kennedy for 4th place on bars! And congrats to Kenzie for 3rd place on vault today!

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2/28/2016 – Great Job Level 5’s on your 1st place team award!


2/27/2016 – Congrats to Courtney who won 2nd place tonight on vault!
2/24/2016 – 1st Place for our level 4 boys – AGAIN!!!!  Unstoppable!


2/27/2016 – Good job last night for Rachel who got 6th on floor.


2/26/2016 – Nice Job Q at the Sun Devil Classic Meet!


2/15/2016 – Congratulations optional boys on your 5th place finish in finals at the MAC open this weekend!


2/14/2016 – Courtney won 1st on VT & FX; 6th on UB; & 2nd AA (missed 1st by only 0.1) high 5 to Courtney!


2/14/2016 – Congratulations Level 5 Team took 2nd place. Kason crushed it for his age group taking 1st AA; Zac took 3rd AA and had one tie for 1st and 2nd in a couple individual events. They did not award men’s individuals, so if you have your child’s results, it would be great to see them get some love! Zac, Trevor, Keegan, Izzy, Kason, and Jayden all did a great job and we are very proud of them.
2/14/2016 – Congratulations optional girls team – Gracie got 6th on vault and 9th AA Kennedy got 5th on bars Kenzie got 4th vault 4th beam 5th floor and 6th AA
2/13/2016 – Congratulations level 8s: Jacob won 3 place AA in his age division & Cole won 2nd & Chris won 4th in their division
2/12/2016 – AZOG level 4 boys rocked.  1st place team again!!!! They took 6 of the top 10 all around combined for both session 1 and 2 and across all ages with 104 total competitors.

level 4 2 level 4

1/30/16 – 3rd Place All Around Champ! Go Tatum!!


1/30/2016 – Level 4 girls meet results.
Taytum Neilson: 1st place Floor, 2nd place Vault, 3rd place Bars. 2nd All Around
Tatum Brower: 3rd on Bars, 2nd on beam, 3rd All Around
Kara Neilson: 4th on beam, 6th on Floor.
Tatum Mcknight: 7th on Vault
Kiana Hedstrom: 7th on Vault and bars.
Great Job girls!!
1/29/2016 – Courtney represented us well tonight winning 1st on Vault, bars, floor, and AA!


1/29/2016 – Addy keen! 1st place vault. 3rd place bars. 2nd place beam. 2nd place floor. 1ST PLACE ALL AROUND.


1/18/2016 – Way to go Level 8 & 9 boys on your wins in Colorado!

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1/9/2016 – Way to go level 4 & 5 Team boys on your Team 1st place wins!  You are on fire!


12/5/2015 – Way to go level 5 boys!  You all did amazing and took 1st place team!  Way to go!
Floor (9-10 year olds) – Dean – 1st; Jayden – 4th; Kason 5th (11+) – Zach 5th; Trevor 1st
Pommel (9-10) – Kason – 2nd; Izzy 4th; Dean 5th (11+) Keegan 3rd; Zach 5th
Rings – (9-10) – Jayden 2nd; Izzy 3rd; Kason 5th; Dean 6th – (11+) Zach 2nd; Trevor 4th
Vault – (9-10) – Kason – 1st, Izzy 2nd; Dean 3rd; Jayden 6th – (11+) Zach 4th; Trevor 6th
Pbars – (9-10) Kason – 1st; Jayden 2nd; Izzy – 4th; (11+) Zach 2nd; Keegan 6th
High Bar – (9-10) Jason 1st; Izzy 2nd; Dean 4th; Jayden 7th – (11+) Zach 2nd
AA – (9-10) Kason 1st; Izzy 2nd; Dean 3rd; Jayden 5th (11+) Zach 2nd; Trevor 4th; Keegan 11th


12/5/2015 – Way to go level 4 boys on your 1st meet!  Some of these kiddos were competing for the very first time!  And the team took 1st place! Way to go!


11/21/2015 – Way to go Tatum on all 5 of your State Meet Medals!


11/8/2015 – Way To Go, Gracie and Kennedy! We had a rough meet but they both pulled it together and mandated to level 6!


11/8/2015 – Level 4’s competed today. Overall very proud of them!
Hayden 6th on vault and bars, 5th on beam and floor and 4th AA.
Ella 7th vault and bars.
Lexi 9th on beam.
Jenna 5th on beam 2nd on floor and 7th AA.
Hannah 2nd on beam 6th on floor and 9th AA.
Awesome job girls, on to state meet next weekend!


11/7/2015 – Girls level 3 compete today, we had a great meet!
Kara Neilson 1st on bars, 2nd on beam and 5th all around
Tatum McKnight 6th on bars and 9th all around.
Tatum Brower 2nd on bars, 5th on vault and beam, 6th on floor and 3rd all around!
Great job girls, I’m proud of you!
10/10/2015 – Congratulations to our level 4 boys team on placing 1st at the strength meet this weekend!  So proud of you all!
5 Year olds – 1st place – Maddox Brower; 2nd place Tyler Pennock/ 6 year olds – 1st place – Will Shaffer; 2nd place – Keoki Clark / 7 year olds – 1st Place – Oscar Salzar; 2nd place – Aiden Sutton; 3rd place – Keakoa Lau; 5th place – Nathaniel keen; 6th place – Yusof Alsakka / 8 year olds  – 1st place – Trey Caffall; 2nd place – Lance Bingham / 9+ year olds – 3rd place – Noah Pinkard; 4th place – Ander Sutton; 5th place – Justin Bassett


10/3/2015 – The level 3/4 girls did awesome in California today!
Level 3 – Tatum Brower 1st Bars, 4th Floor, 7th beam, 8th vault 3rd all-around.
Level 4 – Hannah Caffall 7th floor, 9th Beam/ Lexi Caffall 2nd vault, 4th all around
Hayden Anderton 1st beam, 2nd bars, 3rd vault and floor, 2nd all around / Ella Loges
1st bars and vault, 2nd floor, 4th beam 1st all around.
Great job girls!!

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9/19/2015 – Congratulations to our level 3 – 5 girls that competed in the Jammie Jam meet!  You make us all so proud!  Way to start the year!


9/19/2015 – Huge congrats to Gracie and Kennedy for mandating to level 5 at today’s meet! So proud of you girls

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