2017/2018 Team Accomplishments

3/10/2018 –¬†Congratulations to our State champion L4 team! And to our individual AA champions Christian and Austin!

An additional congrats to the following gymnastics placing top three:
Christian: 1st AA, 1st FX, 1st PH, 3rd, SR, 1st HB
Austin: 1st AA, 1st PH, 1st SR, 2nd VT, 1st HB
Kieryn: 2nd AA, 3rd PH, 1st SR, 2nd VT, 2nd PB, 1st HB
Matthew: 3rd AA, 1st FX, 2nd PB







3/4/2018 – XCEL Bronze had a great meet today winning 1st as a team and also taking the #1 AA spot in four age groups going 1, 2, 3 in one age and 1, 2 in three age groups.
An additional congratulations to Sophia M. for sweeping all four events with Hayle H. in 2nd on all events + AA, taking 1 & 2 the whole meet  and to Nico, Sophia, Audrey, Kayley, Cora and Hayle all breaking a 38!

Also a shout out to the following gymnasts for placing top 3:
Sophia: 1st AA, 1st VT, 1st, UB, 1st BB, 1st FX!
Cora: 1st AA, 3rd VT, 1st UB, 1st, BB, 1st FX
Audrey: 1st AA, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
Nico: 1st AA, 3rd VT, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
Kayley: 2nd AA, 1st VT, 2nd UB, 2nd BB, 2nd FX
Hayle: 2nd AA, 2nd VT, 2nd UB, 2nd BB, 2nd FX
Emma: 2nd AA, 1st VT, 2nd UB
Faith: 2nd AA, 2nd VT, 1st FX
Sofeya: 3rd AA, 3rd VT, 3rd BB, 3rd FX
Andi: 3rd UB







3/3/2018 –¬†Congratulations XCEL Silver for winning first place today going 3 up 3 count! All three girls did great and won their individual all around award in each age group! Special congratulations to Addy for sweeping all four events!
Addy: 1st AA, 1st VT, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st FX
Alex: 1st AA, 2nd VT, 1st UB, 1st BB 1st FX
Maggie: 1st AA, 1st VT, 1st BB, 1st FX









3/2/2018 –¬†The optional girls did great at the Chinese New Year Meet today. Finishing in the top 3 are…

Lexi Caffall- 1st AA, 1st BB, 2nd FX, 2nd VT, 2nd UB
Kara Neilson- 1st UB, 3rd BB, 3rd AA
Tatum Brower-2nd UB, 3rd BB
Kiana Hedstrom- 1st UB, 1st FX, 2nd AA
Hannah Caffall- 3rd VT
Brecken Scroggin- 2nd UB, 3rd BB, 2nd FX, 3rd AA
Tyanne Workman- 3rd FX

Level 6’s- 2nd place team






2/27/2018 –¬†L4 (6-10) First time the 4’s were in split sessions. Christian and Kieryn faced some stiff competition from the Las Vegas gymnasts, but they had a great time out there – lots of smiles when they were competing!
Took home 3rd and 4th AA place in their age groups.









2/27/2018 – Congratulations to the XCEL Bronze team taking first place today and to Cora, Audrey, and Addy all taking 1st AA in their ages/levels!

Also congratulations to the following students for placing top three:
Cora 1st AA, 1st UB, 2nd VT, 3rd BB, 3rd FX
Audrey 1st AA, 1st VT, 1st FX, 2nd UB
Addy 1st AA, 1st UB, 1st FX, 3rd VT
Nico 1T AA, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st FX, 2nd VT
Sophia 2nd AA, 1st VT, 1st UB, 1st BB
Kaylee 2nd AA, 1st VT, 2nd UB
Sofeya 3rd AA, 1st BB, 3rd VT, 3rd UB
Faith 3rd AA, 3rd VT, 3rd BB
Emma 3rd AA, 2nd VT, 2nd BB
Maggie 3rd AA, 1st BB, 1st FX, 3rd VT
Alex 2nd FX
Hayle 3rd VT








2/26/2018 – Congratulations Level 5 on your first place with at the Sun Devil Classic!







2/24/2018 –¬†Way to go level 5‚Äôs on winning 1st place team!








2/24/2018 –¬†Our level 9s placed 2nd at the Sun Devil Classic with only 3 guys!








2/18/2018 –¬†Congratulations to the traveling level 5 boys who won 1st place team at the Dusty Ritter Black Jack National Invitational this afternoon! Way to bring home a win boys! Go AZOG!








2/18/2018 –¬†Congratulations Maggie winning 1st AA today! Also XCEL Silver, in spite of having a bit of a rough meet, still took 4th as a team!
Congratulations to the following students for placing top three:
Maggie: 1st AA, 1st BB, 2nd FX
Addy: 2nd AA, 1st BB, 2nd UB, 3rd VT
Trinity: 2nd AA, 1st FX, 2nd BB
Alex: 3rd FX










2/18/2018 –¬†Congrats to our level 6,7,and 8’s yesterday on a great meet. Here are our top players.
Level 6
Kiana 2nd Vault, bars 3rd beam 1st AA 37.275
Hannah 2nd beam 3rd AA 36.675
Tatum 3rd beam
Kara 3rd Vault

Level 7
Lexi 1st Vault, bars, beam and AA 38.1

Level 8
Brecken 1st Vault, bars 2nd beam 2nd AA 36.9
Tyanne 3rd Vault, 4th bars and AA 35.575

Great job ladies






2/16/2018 –¬†Congratulations XCEL Bronze on a 3rd place win at the Cactus Cup today!

Audrey and Sophia taking 1st AA!
Also congratulations to the following for placing top three:
Audrey 1st VT, 1st UB, 2nd BB, 3rd FX, 1st AA
Sophia 3rd VT, 1st UB, 3rd BB, 1st AA
Cora 1st FX, 3rd AA
Kayley 3rd VT, 3rd AA
Sofeya 1st BB
Vienna 1st UB
Nico 2nd BB
Faith 3rd FX







2/16/2018 –¬†Congratulations to the 1st Pl., Arizona Olympian gymnastics JD travel team. They are currently second place in the nation!







2/11/2018 –¬†Congratulations Xcel bronze … 1st place team and a pretty awesome trophy!

Vienna: 2nd bars 3rd AA
Kayley: 2nd vault 1st bars 1st floor 2nd AA
Nico: 2nd vault 1st bars 1st beam 1st AA
Olivia: 1st floor
Sofeya: 2nd bars 2nd beam 2nd floor 3rd AA
Sophia: 2nd vault 3rd bars 1st beam 2nd AA
Hayle: 2nd beam 1st floor 1st AA
Audrey: 1st vault 2nd bars 1st beam 3rd floor 1st AA
Andi: 6th vault
Faith: 3rd floor
Emma: 6th vault
Cora: 1st bars 1st beam 1st floor 1st vault 1st AA

TEAM SCORE 115.550 1st place







2/11/2018 РXCEL Silver had a great weekend!  Congratulations!

Addy: 3rd bars 3rd vault 1st beam 1st floor 1st AA
Alex: 2nd bars 2nd floor 3rd beam
Maggie: 2nd vault 2nd beam 1st floor 2nd AA
Trinity: 2nd beam 1st floor
3rd place team









2/10/2018 –¬†Congratulations JD boys on your 1st place win! Way to go!









2/11/2018 – Congratulations Level 5 on your 1st place win!









2/10/2018 – Congratulations Level 4 on your 1st place win!








2/2/2018 – Congratulations Traveling JD Team on your 1st place Team win!








1/27/2018 – Congratulations level 5 team on your 1st place win!









1/21/2018 –¬†Level 6 girls competed at the Disneyland meet today. They both did awesome.
Kiana 2nd on vault 9.2
3rd on bars 8.9
4th on floor 9.125
5th AA 35.725
Hannah 1st beam 9.4
2nd floor 9.25
5th vault 8.85
7th bars 8.6
2nd AA 36.1









1/21/2018 –¬†Lexi competed today at the level 7 disneyland meet.
3rd on bars with a 9.525
1st on beam with a 9.45
She ended up 5th AA









1/20/2018 –

Such a great Disneyland competition
Special shout out to
Hayle- 2nd vault 3rd bars 3rd floor 2AA
Sofeya- 1st beam 2nd floor 1st AA
Nico- 3rd vault 1st bars 3rs floor 2nd AA
Faith- 2nd vault 3rd beam
Vienna- 2nd vault 2nd bars
Olivia- 4th vault
Addy- 1st vault 1st beam 1st AA
Alex- 1st beam 2nd AA

Bronze placed 2nd as a team with a 114.525








1/14/2018 – Congratulations to our Xcel Silver team on their 3rd place team win!









1/14/2018 – Congratulations to our Xcel Bronze team on their 1st place team win!









1/14/2018 – Congratulations to our Level 5 boys team on your first place win at the Airforce meet







1/14/2018 РCongratulations to Level 4  at the North Valley Invitational Р1st place!









1/14/2018 РCongratulations Non travel Level 5 team gymnasts РAdding another 1st place trophy!






1/13/2018 – Congratulations¬†Level 6’s on their first meet of the season. We had a couple of falls but overall it was a good start to the season.
Kiana- 2nd place Vault 9.2 and bars 9.075 4th place AA
Hannah- 3rd place floor 9.325 6th place AA
Tatum- 4th place beam 9.125 8th place AA
Kara- 5th place Vault 9.125 7th place AA







1/12/2018 – Congratulation to our 1st place Travel JD Team







1/12/2018 РCongratulations Lexi (our only level 7) competed today in her first meet of the season. She started on bars going after all her skills but had a fall. Finished strong in everything else.
1st place Vault 9.325
2nd place beam 9.4
4th place floor 9.2
6th on bars
3rd All Around
She even ended up 7th out of the w
hole session of 80 girls.









12/10/2017 РCongratulations level 4 & 5 boys on your win at the Sonora Dog meet!  Way to start the year off right!















11/5/2017 –¬†So proud of these girls!! Lots of great scores last night reflecting their hard work in the gym!
Sarah-9.9 on vault, and a 38.1 all around
Braeley- 9.45 on bars
Avery-9.45 on bars
Braelynn- 9.475 on vault
Amerah- 9.6 on floor
Meadow-9.175 on vault
Taylor-9.350 on floor
Hannah- 8.975 on floor









10/7/2017 –¬†Congrats to my level 3s who placed 3rd today!!







9/18/2017 –¬†Jammie Jam Level 3 – We won best dressed as well as 5th place team. Our first team award! Lots of individual medals as well!







9/9/2017 – First meet of the season was a success! Lots of personal best scores tonight! The girls did great!