XCEL was created as a competitive program for kids who are interested in participating in the sport of gymnastics, but may not want to devote the hours, energy, finances, etc. into what the junior Olympic pathway requires.  It is also another option for kids who may find their gymnastics more successful doing the program which allows more flexibility and choice in their skill requirements.  It is only about 4 years old, but our region alone has over 1000 kids!

Difference between JO (junior Olympic) and XCEL:

In the JO program, there are level requirements which must be accomplished before being allowed to compete, or to move ahead to the next level.  Everyone does the exact same routines, with the exact same skills.  In XCEL, the requirements are flexible enough that the gymnast can do skills that they enjoy, or are successful at while at the same time, meeting the level requirements.  Each of their routines are customized to fit their strengths.  The hours are also reduced in XCEL, compared to JO.  XCEL typically trains 6 – 9 hours a week.


How do the XCEL level compare to JO levels:

JO                           XCEL

Level 3-4              Bronze

Level 4-5              Silver

Level 5-6              Gold

Level 7-8              Platinum

Level 8-10            Diamond